Philips Adult Disposable ECG Monitoring Foam Electrodes, 2"-CASE

Philips Adult Disposable ECG Monitoring Foam Electrodes, 2"-CASE
  • 1 case = 60 packages = 300 electrodes per case
  • Adult Radiotranslucent ECG Monitoring Foam Electrode, 2"
  • High-Tack ECG Monitoring Electrodes, 2" (50mm) Diameter, Round
  • wet gel electrode, non-invasive patient monitor supplies and accessories
  • Material: Radiolucent foam
  • Use With Philips Medical Instruments: All Adult ECG Monitors, plus M2600A, M2601A, M3535A, M3536A (HeartStart MRx Monitor Defibrillator), M4735A (HeartStart XL Defibrillator), M3500B (HeartStart XLT Defibrillator), M2475B (CodeMaster 100 Defibrillator), M1722A, M1722B (CodeMaster XL+ Defibrillator), M1723A, M1723B (CodeMaster XL Defibrillator/Monitor), M1724A (CodeMaster XE Defibrillator), 43200A, 43200M, 43200MC, 78203A, 78203C, 78211A, 78330A, 78331A, 78332A, 78333A, 78341A, 78342A, 78345A, 78346A, 78351T, 78352A, 78352C, 78353A, 78353B, 78354A, 78354C, 78532A, 78532B, 78534A, 78534B, 78534C, Cardiographs, ECG Systems, M1001A, M1001B, M1002A, M1002B, M3923A, M3924A, M3926A, M3927A, M3928A, 863063, 863064, 863066, M8105A, M8102A, M3002A, M3535A, M3536A, M3536M, 862108, 862231, 862439, M2636A, 2406A, 77025A, 77030A, 77035A

Product Number: M2202A-CASE