Life Safety & Disaster Recovery

Suffering from Compliance Inspecto-phobia?

Relax. Clients protected under the "RITEresponse" Life-Safety Management Program rest assured.

In fact, your RWS Life Safety Consultant is present during accreditation inspections to assure compliance and a brisk worry-free inspection experience with positive results.

Request a "RITEresponse" Life-Safety Survey to determine a customized plan of action specific to your facility. Become a member at any of our 4 assistance levels to keep your operation maintained at or above compliance standards at all times, and receive these important benefits:

  • Returns time to administrator to oversee facility business operations and interact with partners and physicians
  • Returns time to other staff to manage business functions rather than trying to accomplish unfamiliar life-safety functions
  • Improves capital project management and justification / expenditure control
  • Assures higher compliance with standards
  • Access hundreds of facility management services not typically available to facility owners, managers or administrators.
  • Enrollment in the all-inclusive Guardian plan can depend on emergency services 24-7-365