Facilities Management

Product & Service Programs

Already Florida’s leader in building, property, equipment, and systems facilities management, RITEWAY has pioneered a selection of fully integrated service & product programs, available in a single source, single point-of-contact business environment, customized to meet the specific requirements of your facility.

Strategic Business Concepts & Custom Services, Set Us Apart from Would-be Competitors:

  • Services Central Single Point of Contact for Communication, Dispatch & Billing
  • RITEresponse Life-Safety Programs
  • Strategic Alliance Service Partners
  • EduMed CEU Training and Drills
  • ShopRITE Secure Online Medical Supply Store
  • Med-Equip Major Medical Equipment Brokers
  • BioMedical Diagnosis and Repair

RITEWAY Services' facility management programs provide services to building owners not typically available, and returns time to Administration and staff to better plan and execute efficient operations and tend to customer/patient needs. RITEresponse members may choose to take advantage of one or all of the over 250 services offered through the Strategic Alliance™ of Service Partners.