About Us

RITEWAY Services emerged in late 1998 to provide the highest quality professional life safety compliance and consulting services available in the marketplace.

Complete with written policies and procedures, compliance record keeping, training programs and actual personnel to manage and deliver complete programs. We specialize in the total comprehensive life safety compliance management program and offer complimentary services for general construction, conceptual expansion planning, design/build fast tract construction, engineering and design and facility management services.

We believe our experience as professional compliance “hands-on” providers enhances the entire industry and provides a benefit with our facility management expertise, to best meet client demands.

Our Mission is Simple

  • To promote excellence in the practice, delivery and performance of facility management services by continuously improving conditions in the facilities we serve.
  • To always maintain the highest standards of performance; continuously working in the best interest of building owners and in consideration of the needs building occupants.

Our Values are High

  • Always use high quality materials in the performance of any building work keeping in consideration priorities for building environments, customer cost control, and industry standards.
  • Work in support of the facility staff to improve the existing building conditions and maintain a work environment supportive of the specific facility operations and performance goals.
  • Perform checks, inspections and any other work actions with the objective of fully meeting industry standards adopted codes and practices. Meeting these minimum objectives is achieved by direct verbatim compliance, defining and then meeting the intent, or through establishing equivalencies by exceeding standards in complementary areas.
  • Exercise the best judgment for any cost savings alternatives and consistently advise facility owners of these alternatives and options for maintaining a safe secure functional operation.
  • Maintain the due diligence and prudence for management decisions as if every facility was our own.

For your convenience, we are located at 875 Jackson Ave. Suite 110 Winter Park, FL 32789